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[Book]Python 201

Python 201 Advertisements

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custom form 생성하기

in order to apply attributes to a custom form you have to change form.custom.begin before. The following code should work: #view html {{extend ‘layout.html’}} {{ # add class to form form[‘_class’] = “form-horizontal” # change form.custom.begin form.custom.begin = XML(“<%s %s>” % (form.tag, form._xml()[0])) }}{{=form.custom.begin}} your content form {{=form.custom.end}} … Continue reading

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PDF파일을 첨부파일로 다운로그 하기

  pdf.output(name=request.folder+’/static/temp.pdf’)     response.headers[‘Content-Disposition’] = ‘attachment; filename=abc.pdf’# to force download as attachment # replace abc with whatever pdf name you want the user to see.     response.headers[‘Content-Type’]=’application/pdf’     return’/static/temp.pdf’,’rb’),chunk_size=4096)

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Database에 파일 저장하는 방법 2012-11-19 in model db.define_table(‘attachments’,         Field(‘attachment’, ‘upload’, uploadfield=’payload’),         Field(‘filename’, length=512),         Field(‘Description’, ‘text’),         Field(‘payload’, ‘blob’),         migrate=init_migrate,         ) … Continue reading

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User accessed site without logging in

User accessed site without logging in 로긴한적없는 유저가 다른유저로 로긴되어 있는 현상 발생 알고봤더니 uWSGI의 async버그로 발생한 문제, uWSGI의 ipv6 address 처리 오류 forum: client ipaddress의 validation추가 git:

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web2py 2.0 rc – lazy table

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