CP949 Table in Unicode

CP949 테이블의  문자를 Unicode에 정의된 이름으로 출력해본다.

#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- encoding: utf-8 -*-
import unicodedata

CP949 table

the output of this script should have the same as

for lead in range(0x81, 0xF0):
	# these range not exist
	if lead in [0xc1, 0xc2]:
	for pt in range(0x40, 0xFF+0x1):
		str = ''.join(map(chr, [lead, pt]))
		# print str
		print "# %02x%02x" % (lead, pt),
			uni = str.decode('cp949')
			text = unicodedata.name(uni)
			print str, text
		except UnicodeDecodeError:
			print "not exist"

생성된 파일은 다음과 같다

Happy Coding~:)



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